Kamil Mysliwiec | Trilon Consulting
Kamil Mysliwiec
Mark Pieszak | Trilon Consulting
Mark Pieszak
Rick Dutour Geerling | Trilon Consulting
Rick Dutour Geerling
Lead Software Architect
Jay McDoniel | Trilon Consulting
Jay McDoniel
Software Architect
Daniel De Lucca | Trilon Consulting
Daniel De Lucca
Lead Software Architect
Bruno Krebs | Trilon Consulting
Bruno Krebs
Software Architect
Tolga Paksoy | Trilon Consulting
Tolga Paksoy
Software Architect
Thiago Martins | Trilon Consulting
Thiago Martins
Senior Software Engineer
Ilya Moroz | Trilon Consulting
Ilya Moroz
Senior Software Engineer
Olivier Combe | Trilon Consulting
Olivier Combe
Angular Architect
Michael Hladky | Trilon Consulting
Michael Hladky
Lead Instructor
Davide Gheri | Trilon Consulting
Davide Gheri
Senior Software Engineer
Manuel Herrera | Trilon Consulting
Manuel Herrera
Senior Software Engineer
Manuel Carballido | Trilon Consulting
Manuel Carballido
Senior Software Engineer
Camila Nery | Trilon Consulting
Camila Nery
Senior Software Engineer
Guilherme Luchesi | Trilon Consulting
Guilherme Luchesi
Senior Software Engineer
Dominik Gąsior | Trilon Consulting
Dominik Gąsior
Senior Software Engineer
Taimoor Farras | Trilon Consulting
Taimoor Farras
Senior Software Engineer
Jakub Staron | Trilon Consulting
Jakub Staron
Creative Director
Kamil Mysliwiec | Trilon Consulting

Kamil Mysliwiec

Kamil Myśliwiec is a Google Developer Expert (GDE) in Web Technologies and Angular. Creator of NestJS, Co-Founder of Trilon.io, open source contributor, and Full-Stack developer with a knack for different languages and software development techniques.

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